Training and job specialization

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Banco Bogotá is the first Colombian bank that for more than 150 years has contributed significantly to the country’s progress through a corporate strategy focused on improving people’s quality of life, the economic prosperity of society and caring for the environment. planet. Thanks to his management, the Bank has been awarded multiple times as the Best Bank in Colombia by international publications such as The Banker, Global Finance, Euromoney and LatinFinance.

About this challenge:

Training and specialization aims at workers having access to trainings in order to improve their professional skills or other aspects of their positions. The Company doesn’t have an structure process to manage the training and specialization.

Here we present some questions that will allow you to broaden your vision regarding different issues associated with the challenge. Your solution doesn’t need to solve all the questions. Use them as inspiration.

  • How could we empower Bogota Bank employees with new skills related to their work context?          
  • How could we motivate the workers to learn and train?     
  • How could we establish learning paths that allow the employees to develop skills and competencies?
  • How could we develop and encourage a critical thinking mindset in the employees?
  • How could we train the employees  in innovation skills and creative thinking?
  • How could we improve the digital skills of the workers?
  • How could we make the employees understand the impact on the final client of their actions and skills?

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