Tools to enhance the customer service experience

This focus of action seeks to improve the customer service experience in digital channels throughout the entire customer journey. The goal is to reduce friction in the interactions that customers must go through to resolve their doubts and problems. For this, it is essential to have an integrated system that allows us to follow up with the customer and deliver personalized responses when needed.

Currently, the company has the Salesforce CRM, so technological solutions that can integrate (or adapt) easily and quickly to this system are sought. The solution is expected to enable continuous attention on all channels, maintaining a high and homogeneous quality of service standard.

We are looking for startups and solutions that can generate an efficient and close relational model for the customer, where they must take as few steps as possible to achieve their goals.

Mobilizing questions:

  1. How could we standardize the experience of our customers in digital channel service?
  2. How could we improve the customer experience during digital channel service?
  3. How could we reduce customer friction in digital channels?
  4. What other tools can be added to improve the customer service experience (faster, more efficient, integrated)?
  5. How could we facilitate the tracking of each customer’s requirements?
  6. How could we facilitate the transfer of customer service across the different channels so they can start through one channel and complete the process through another?


  1. Reduction of the cost of attention per customer
  2. Response time to the customer
  3. Customer NPS