Real time community

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What are we looking for?

This focus of action seeks to promote communication in the store in real time, both between workers and from managers to them, reflecting what is happening in real time. Technological solutions, platforms or systems are sought that allow clear and efficient presentation of pending tasks, activities where help is needed, coordination at critical moments in the store and internal messaging that facilitate the operation, making it more fluid, expeditious and agile.

Here we present some questions that will allow you to broaden your vision regarding different issues associated with the challenge. Your solution doesn’t need to solve all the variables, they are inspiring questions:

    1. How could we deliver information in a simpler, more agile and efficient way in the store, where both workers and staff can interact?
    2. How could we provide a better form of real-time communication of where store workers are needed?
    3. How could we expose in a simple, explicit and efficient way the tasks where the help of the collaborators in the store is needed? How could we increase the commitment of the collaborators both with their tasks and with those of their colleagues?
    4. How could we allocate the collaborator to do another activity different from the one that was initially assigned?
    5. How could we avoid critical situations, such as stock outs, taking advantage of workers’ time efficiently?