Omnichannel integration for better customer service

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Kölbi is a telecommunication company offering fixed and mobile communication, and internet services in Costa Rica. Kolbi services targets customers, households, and companies, and Today, they are looking for the best innovative startups in the world that can respond to their challenges.

¿What are we looking for?

We seek to manage our customer’s information centrally in each of the digital channels so that the sale and problem resolution can be carried out from any platform. This topic seeks to improve customer management, storing and making available valuable information to improve service and loyalty.


Here we present some questions that will allow you to broaden your vision regarding different issues associated with the challenge. Your solution doesn’t need to solve all the variables. They are inspiring questions:

  • How could we optimize and decrease the multiple contact points with our customers?
  • How could we better capture our customer’s information in the current channels?
  • How could we facilitate the transfer of our customer support through the different channels so that they can start with one channel and finish the process with another?
  • How could we have unique information of each client and allow them to use it in the different channels?
  • How could we improve the traceability of the requests customers make through the different support channels?
  • How could we share more effectively the information available about our customers in the different channels?


Some general concepts regarding to possible solutions:

#Customer Management

#Operational Efficiency

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