Convenience store intelligence for Pronto sales team

The company has a B2B business model called Pronto, which uses its distribution and wholesale purchasing channels to supply small convenience stores (known as “changarros”). The sales-advisors are employees who work in the field to identify the needs of these small businesses and offer them sales with the aim of supplying the merchandise they require.

The company seeks to have a deeper knowledge of these convenience stores through data analysis to improve the sales experience of the advisors.

We are looking for startups and solutions that can provide timely on-site information to facilitate decision-making on the best products to offer.

Mobilizing questions:

  1. How can we facilitate relevant knowledge about convenience stores quickly to the sales-advisor?
  2. How can we collect personalized information from convenience stores?
  3. How can we generate valuable insights from the data collected from convenience stores that support Pronto sales-advisor in increasing sales and/or improving the attention to convenience stores?
  4. How can we present data visualization to facilitate the sales-advisor’s decision-making?
  5. How can we assist sales-advisor with recommendations when managing the supply of convenience stores, from consideration to purchasing of merchandise?
  6. How can we facilitate the adoption and use of these insights and recommendations by the sales-advisor?
  7. How can we integrate this solution with current systems (CRM, information sources)?


  1. Increase in customers (number of convenience stores)
  2. Increase in sales volume per convenience stores (changarros)
  3. Number of sales-advisor required per convenience stores (changarros)