Monitoring and Management of Mobile Assets

Important non-alcoholic beverage bottler and distributor in Mexico with national coverage. It has over 250 distribution centers (DC) and a fleet of over 11,000 distribution assets. The company has an extensive network of suppliers and business partners. It has a diverse portfolio of carbonated and non-carbonated beverage brands, as well as bottled water. Additionally, it has shown a strong commitment to social responsibility by implementing initiatives to support education, sports, and the environment. 


About this challenge:


Monitoring and Management of Mobile Assets 

A non-alcoholic beverage bottler and distributor in Mexico has a large fleet of distribution assets, including trucks, motorcycles, cars, forklifts, etc. (+11,000 vehicles in total), distributed across various locations (DCs, workshops, routes, customers, etc.). These assets perform different tasks such as cargo and personnel transportation. 

They aim to monitor the fleet, particularly the distribution trucks (+6,000), in real-time using low-cost technologies. This will provide easily accessible information about the truck’s location, distance traveled, and fuel consumption. 

Key Questions: 

  1. How can we track truck locations in real-time? 
  2. How can we determine the daily distance traveled by trucks? 
  3. How can we monitor truck fuel consumption? 
  4. How can we have an up-to-date and easily accessible information repository for trucks to make better logistics decisions? 
  5. How can we monitor the real-time status and condition of trucks (active, in workshop, tagged for retirement, damaged, etc.)? 
  6. How can we implement truck telemetry (engine and usage conditions) 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 

  • Fuel level in the tank (fuel and efficiency) 
  • Kilometers traveled per unit 
  • Planned trucks on route vs. actual trucks departing 
  • Available trucks vs. total trucks 

Other Considerations: 

  • Easy integration and management of information 
  • Daily information should be accessible and stored in a repository for various analyses.