Inventory Count in Distribution Centers

Important non-alcoholic beverage bottler and distributor in Mexico with national coverage. It has over 250 distribution centers (DC) and a fleet of over 11,000 distribution assets. The company has an extensive network of suppliers and business partners. It has a diverse portfolio of carbonated and non-carbonated beverage brands, as well as bottled water. Additionally, it has shown a strong commitment to social responsibility by implementing initiatives to support education, sports, and the environment. 


About this challenge:


Inventory Counting at Distribution Centers 

A non-alcoholic beverage bottler and distributor in Mexico has high heterogeneity across its +250 distribution centers (DCs) and the products they handle. Currently, inventory counting is done visually by personnel on a daily basis. This manual process consumes resources and time. They aim to streamline this process using low-cost technology that can also provide information for better decision-making. 

Key Questions: 

  1. How can we facilitate the visual inventory counting process using technology? 
  2. How can we automate the inventory counting process? 
  3. How can we monitor real-time inventory changes using technology? 
  4. How can we decrease counting time while increasing accuracy through technology? 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 

  • Counting time 
  • Accuracy of inventory count calculation (alignment with actual count) 

Other Considerations: 

  • Integrated SKU identification for quick real-time inventory counting 
  • Different packaging configurations for bottles (varying quantities), which need to be counted