Enhance the in-store loyalty program experience

In 2021, a loyalty program was launched that allows customers to earn points for in-store purchases and redeem them for selected products. Currently, there are over 12.000 subscribers. Frictions arise during the in-store use of the loyalty program, due to the need for external tools to identify the customer (such as a physical or digital card, or phone number). This step is essential for the cashier to award points or offer redemptions to the customer during their in-store purchase.

We are looking to eliminate frictions that arise when using the loyalty program in-store, to enhance the customer experience and increase the number of subscribers. We aim to manage our customer information in a centralized manner on our digital channels so that sales and the loyalty program are facilitated in-store, for both the customer and the employee.

We are looking for startups and solutions that enable the storage and availability of valuable customer information at different points of sale, to improve customer service and loyalty.

Mobilizing questions:

  1. How could we identify customers without the customer having to use external tools (identification document, membership card, etc.)?
  2. How could we facilitate point accumulation in-store?
  3. How could we facilitate point redemption in-store?
  4. How could we improve the loyalty program experience?
  5. How could we have unique customer information available and usable across different stores?
  6. How can we surprise the customer with our loyalty program?


  1. NPS variation (current is 68-79) for both customer and employee
  2. Churn rate
  3. Number of enrolled customers (5%-10%)
  4. Number of transactions made by current customers.