Customer Intelligence

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Kölbi is a telecommunication company offering fixed and mobile communication, and internet services in Costa Rica. Kolbi services targets customers, households, and companies, and Today, they are looking for the best innovative startups in the world that can respond to their challenges.

¿What are we looking for?

This topic seeks to have a deeper understanding of our customers through the analysis of the current date, to improve their experience and generate new and better products and/or services.

We look for technological solutions that give the company insights about our customers, focused on data capture and analysis. The solutions may respond to some stages of the process, from the beginning of the data capture to the insights or predictive analysis, to use this information to make better decisions.

We look for start-ups and solutions that go beyond a descriptive analysis. They have to analyze the structured and unstructured information that we currently have.


Here we present some questions that will allow you to broaden your vision regarding different issues associated with the challenge. Your solution doesn’t need to solve all the questions. Use them as inspiration. 

  • How could we better use the business data to make better decisions?
  • How could we make the information we have internally about customers more visible?
  • How could we use our customer’s data to create personalized products?
  • How could we use the information to increase sales on our digital channels?
  • How can we obtain qualitative and high-value information from our customers?


Some general concepts regarding to possible solutions:

#data capture

#data analytics

#machine learning

#big data

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