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What are we looking for?

This focus of action seeks to find technological solutions that make it possible to find significant information based on the analysis of in-store data on customer preferences, purchase patterns, demographic attributes through technology, with the aim of optimizing employees and providing them with tools for better use of your time, customer service and prioritization of activities.


Here we present some questions that will allow you to broaden your vision regarding different issues associated with the challenge. Your solution doesn’t need to solve all the variables, they are inspiring questions:


    1. How could we detect which sectors of the store are the most populated and demanded?
    2. How could we detect and map the behavior of workers in these crowded moments, in order to optimize their times?
    3. How could we better understand the preferences of customers in the store and their behavior patterns?
    4. How could we see the behavior of certain customers in the store to avoid losses?
    5. How could we predict from data the behavior that customers will have during the day or in crowded events for a better preparation of the store staff?