Career Development and incentives

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Banco de Bogotá is the first Colombian bank that for more than 150 years has contributed significantly to the country’s progress through a corporate strategy focused on improving people’s quality of life, the economic prosperity of society and caring for the environment. planet. Thanks to his management, the Bank has been awarded multiple times as the Best Bank in Colombia by international publications such as The Banker, Global Finance, Euromoney and LatinFinance.

About this challenge:

Career development refers to the professional growth opportunities that the Bank can offer within the organization to their current workers. Banco Bogota is looking for solutions that can guide, reward or encourage the best workers to meet the their expectations. The company wants  to show the workers the possibilities to develop and paths their workers can follow in the Company.

Here we present some questions that will allow you to broaden your vision regarding different issues associated with the challenge. Your solution doesn’t need to solve all the questions. Use them as inspiration. 

  • How could we identify workers profiles with potential in the company?
  • How could we make visible and monitor in an efficient way the internal talent in order to make informed decision when promoting the staff?
  • How could we make visible the career development possibilities in the company?
  • How could we empower the employees that contribute positively to the Company with incentives (not necessarily a promotion)?
  • How could we maximize the workers contributions to better considered their ideas ?
  • How could we recognize the teams that contribute to the Company and that are doing new things?
  • How could we generate individual and team incentives?

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