Attraction and talent managment

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Banco de Bogotá is the first Colombian bank that for more than 150 years has contributed significantly to the country’s progress through a corporate strategy focused on improving people’s quality of life, the economic prosperity of society and caring for the environment. planet. Thanks to his management, the Bank has been awarded multiple times as the Best Bank in Colombia by international publications such as The Banker, Global Finance, Euromoney and LatinFinance.

About this challenge:

The attraction and talent management refers to improving the recruitment process, seeking higher participation from the areas in order to optimize the search for talent. Likewise, it seeks to improve the employee’s onboarding experience when they join the team and thus facilitate their insertion. 

Here we present some questions that will allow you to broaden your vision regarding different issues associated with the challenge. Your solution doesn’t need to solve all the questions. Use them as inspiration. 

  • How could we attract talent more effectively and efficiently, in accordance with the Bank’s objectives?           
  • How could we position ourselves as an employer brand and become a talent magnet? 
  • How could we attract digital talent?
  • How could we analyze and select the candidates for job positions in a better way and in line with the Bank’s profile?
  • How could we better welcome a new employee and show the Bank’s benefits?                    
  • How could we have a more proactive culture of attracting and staff recruiting that allows us to recognize new needs? 
  • How could we unify and democratize the hiring process so that it can be carried out by different teams? 
  • How could we involve all employees in the search and attraction of new talent?       
  • How could we make the onboarding process of new workers more efficient and attractive?
  • How could we facilitate the onboarding process so that all teams of the bank can do it the same way?


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